Central USA Wireless

Quality, Safety and Efficiency

Central USA Wireless specializes in wireless telecommunications site construction, as well as ongoing maintenance and site upgrades to keep the carrier on the cutting edge of new technology.

3G to 4G Upgrades


Ground-up Construction


Tower Decommissioning

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Microwave LOS

Path Alignment

Structural Upgrades

Central USA Wireless is a leader in deploying cutting edge wireless technologies. We have currently completed over 1,800 tower projects with various carriers throughout the United States. Our crews are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of the wireless industry through both ongoing training and management commitment. Central USA Wireless combines state of the art technology, highly trained professionals, and an unwavering commitment to both quality and safety to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality services.


Experience for Any Project

Our tower crews have a broad range of experience. We provide our crews with the best of tools and information to get the job done. By doing this we are able to guarantee our work and provide our work at competitive prices.

We thoroughly train all new employees by placing them in a variety of work situations and with a number of other experienced employees. This gives the new employee the opportunity to learn from our more experienced personal.

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Quality, Safety, and Efficiency

Central USA Wireless strives for industry leading quality  and safety. We maintain the  finest quality services to ensure the best result for our customers through our Quality Assurance and Quality Control program that governs all staff.

Central USA Wireless’s safety policy is to establish, actively promote, and continuously improve the safety, health and accident prevention program

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Central USA Wireless understands the unique requirements needed to complete every job.